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Cars 4 Causes Partners with Education Aid to Raise Funds for Innovative Scholarship Programs

Cars 4 Causes and Education Aid

Make Your Donation to Support Education Aid Today!

Make Your Donation to Support Education Aid Today!

Education Aid, Inc. is thrilled to partner with Cars 4 Causes.  “The funding from Cares 4 Causes will make college and job training accessible to many students who would otherwise not be able to afford to go to school,” said Karyn Balfour, the Founder and CEO of Education Aid. “There are many costs, other than tuition, associated with earning your degree that typical financial aid packages do not cover,” said Balfour. Without any financial support to help pay for these expenses, students are forced to work and go to school at the same time. “When students are unable to pay for basic living expenses, they are put in a position where they need to choose between school and work.  Unfortunately, too many times they end up dropping out,” Balfour said.

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It is the mission of Education Aid to change the lives of students around the country by providing them with the financial support that they need to attain and complete their education. This is accomplished through the Support a Student Scholarship Program (“Program”). Participants of this Program have payments made on their behalf for non-tuition related expenses that are not covered by their current financial aid. Many economically disadvantaged students do not receive enough financial support to pay for such expenses and ultimately end up dropping out of school. This Program was created to identify these students and to provide them with the financial support necessary to enable them to complete their degrees.


About Cars 4 Causes

Cars 4 Causes® is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports education. They are America’s 1st vehicle donation charity. They are experts at turning your vehicle donations into cash for charitable causes.

They have pledged to support Education Aid. Commonly known as the “Charity That Gives To Charities”® they serve the charitable community by sharing our resources with youth other non-profit and educational groups and they believe in and work for.

Cars 4 Causes® is guided by the following convictions:

Create and nurture sustainable relationships with our beneficiaries, assisting them in accessing the funds they need to further their important causes.

Allow donors to participate in directing a portion of the proceeds received from their vehicle donations to support the non-profit organizations of their choice.

Responsibly serve our donors and the non-profit community through the moral and compassionate actions of our employees, management team and Board of Directors.

Share donated vehicles with other non-profit groups for the explicit intent that these vehicles be given to qualified families or individuals of need.