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Here Is Larry’s Story…Please Help Us Help Him!

Education Aid is trying to raise money for a scholarship for Larry, a student in Detroit. This young man has gone through many hardships to get through college and he needs your help to graduate. Unfortunately, he had to drop out of college to take custody of his younger brother or he would have been put into foster care. After that he enrolled in Madonna University, and has been working 6 days a week while going to school full time. Like so many students his financial aid ran out with 2 semesters of school left to complete. Education Aid was able to support him for all but his last class. The school will not let him take his last class until his tuition balance is paid in full (even while Education Aid is making monthly payments towards his balance), and we will need to pay for his last class in full before he can take it.

He has worked so hard to come this far, we must help him complete his education! He works 6 days a week he still can’t afford to pay for his basic living expenses. We have rarely worked with a more determined or deserving student.

Any amount donated would be greatly appreciated and will help me reach our goal of $15,000. Any amount raised past our goal will continue to help Larry through Education Aid’s Student Loan Assistance Program for him.

For this disadvantaged student, completing his degree begins with the contributions you make today. Unfortunately, if people like us don’t help him, no one will!

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Please spread the word about Larry to anyone else you know who would be interested in donating to this student, and literally changing his life.

About Larry: Larry Smith is 28 years old and is the legal guardian of his younger brother, who is 15. Larry is currently working towards his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice at Madonna University. When he applied for the scholarship, Larry was seriously considering dropping out of school due to his financial hardship. He was unable to pay for his basic living expenses, was behind on bills and about to have his power turned off. Larry works full time as a prototype mechanic while going to school and taking care of his little brother. Education Aid purchased Larry a computer, which he previously could not afford. This enabled him to complete his assignments and take online classes at home, where previously had to travel to the school or library to do this work. Education Aid also paid for Larry’s electric bill and car insurance each month, which enabled him to travel to school and work. This support meant that Larry was able to focus more time and effort on school and it really helped him succeed. His GPA was .5 when he started the scholarship and he became a B student while being funded by Education Aid.

Larry and his Little Brother

Larry and his Little Brother

“This scholarship will help me out a lot because I am having a hard time paying for school and bills. I have guardianship over my little 12-year-old brother. I am only 25 years old taking on a big responsibility. I had my brother since 2008 and it been a challenge raising him. I had just got home from college and had to get a house or my brother was going to the Department of Human Services. I was supposed to start school in the spring but I had to put it on hold. I started going to Madonna University in 2012. Madonna is an expensive school to go but I have to do it to make a better life for my brother and I.” ~ Larry Smith (Single Father Scholarship Program Recipient)