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Education Aid is proud to have awarded over $100,000 in scholarships since 2011!

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Victim of Hurricane Sandy Scholarship Recipient

Lauren Brown - Stockton College of New Jersey

Lauren Brown – Stockton College of New Jersey

“When I got the phone call about receiving the scholarship I cried. I had been contemplating that weekif I was even going to be able to continue with school. I couldn’t afford to buy my required textbooks or replace my computer that got ruined in the storm. Now I am more than half way finished about to complete my bachelors in Spanish, and I cannot be more grateful to Education Aid and the way they have helped me. I would absolutely not be able to complete what I have without this. Not only am I going to complete my degree, I have been on the deans lists and continue to excel. A huge financial burden has been lifted because of Education Aid. It has been such a blessing and I will be forever thankful.

After purchasing and redoing my entire house, Hurricane Sandy then hit our town hard. All of the renovations that had been done were destroyed. There was four feet of water inside my house and I have been displaced since the storm. I had to take a leave of absence from school due to the storm related expenses. I only had a little left of school, but it is a huge struggle to pay for my mortgage and bills along with my school costs. My dream is to be the first in my family to finish college and become a teacher. I want to inspire students the way I have been inspired by my teachers. It has been a terrible struggle since the storm.” ~ Lauren Brown (Victims of Hurricane Sandy Scholarship Recipient)

Single Father Scholarship Recipient

Larry Smith and his brother - Modanna university

Larry Smith and his brother – Madonna University

This scholarship will help me out a lot because I am having a hard time paying for school and bills. I have guardianship over my little 12-year-old brother. I am only 25 years old taking on a big responsibility. I had my brother since 2008 and it been a challenge raising him. I just got home from college and had to get a house or my brother was going to the Department of Human Services. I was supposed to start school in the spring but I had to put it on hold. I started going to Madonna University in 2012. Madonna is an expensive school to go but I have to do it to make a better life for my brother and I.” ~ Larry Smith (Single Father Scholarship Program Recipient)

New Jersey Resident Scholarship Recipient

Sasha Bostic with her son and brother - Rutgers University

Sasha Bostic with her son and brother – Rutgers University

“In the Fall of 2011 I was thinking about dropping out of college after already taking 114 credits toward my major. I was raising a son while attaining my bachelor’s degree. I found myself having poor attendance because I could not afford daycare for my son. Also, not having enough financial aid to pay for books was a major issue and caused me to fall behind in my courses. I was selected to participate in this scholarship program through Education Aid and now I am receiving the daycare that I need for my son, enabling me to attend my night classes. Education Aid also bought my required textbooks and replaced my broken computer, which I could not afford to fix. I would not be enrolled in school this semester without this help, and will use this opportunity to attain my degree in Sociology.” ~ Sasha Bostick (NJ Student Scholarship Program Recipient)

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