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About Education Aid

Education Aid assists economically disadvantaged students with paying for non-tuition related expenses associated with their academic endeavors.  This type of financial support makes it possible for students to focus on their education and earn their degrees.  Education Aid is a not-for-profit organizations with 501(c) 3 status.  Contributions are eligible as charitable deductions to a public charity.

Types of Student Expenses

    • Textbooks: Students will be given gift certificates to bookstores or direct payments will be made to the students’ credit cards for textbook purchases.
    • Subsidies for Rent: Rent subsidies will be paid directly to the students’ landlords each month.
    • Utilities: Contributions towards students’ utility bills will be made directly to the utility companies each month.
    • Food: Students will receive gift certificates to local supermarkets and restaurants. Contributions towards meal plans will be made directly to the school.
    • School Supplies: Students will receive gift certificates to local bookstores and office supply stores. In addition, any donated items like computers will be distributed among support recipients.
    • Childcare: Students with children will have payments made directly to their daycare providers and receive gift certificates to children’s stores and supermarkets.
    • Travel: Students will receive passes to their local transportation systems, such as buses or subways.


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