Holiday Dinner Fundraiser:  December 13, 2012 in Fort Lee, NJ

About the Fundraiser

The goal of the Holiday Dinner, in conjunction with the 50/50 Cash Raffle, is to fund Education Aid’s initiatives and our Support a Student Scholarship Program.  This year we are looking for sponsors to contribute to a general scholarship fund for victims of Hurricane Sandy; or to sponsor a scholarship program themselves that will go to victims of Hurricane Sandy.


Education Aid makes education accessible to many students who would otherwise be unable to afford to attend school.  For these disadvantaged students, getting the job training they need, or earning a college degree begins with the contributions made today.  Our scholarship programs start at $5,000 and can provide support for a semester, year, or through graduation.

Platinum Level Sponsorships start at $5,000 and sponsors get to brand to their own custom scholarship program. 

Other Sponsorships:   For information on our other levels of sponsorship or how you can contribute, please contact Karyn Balfour at

Benefits of Platinum Level Sponsorship  

  • Platinum Level Sponsor will have a custom Scholarship Program named after them in the amount of $5,000.  This Program can be for a victim of Hurricane Sandy. 
  • Listed as a Platinum Level Sponsor on all Event and Scholarship Program PR. 
  • A page on Education Aid’s website dedicated to their custom Scholarship Program. 
  • Administrative fees for Scholarship Program are waived for Platinum Level Sponsors. 
  • Listed as a Platinum Level Supporter on Education Aid’s website. 
  • Listed as a Platinum Level Sponsor on the dinner menu and all event materials. 
  • Education Aid will work with you or your company to create a custom Scholarship Program that meets your mission and values.  
  • This Scholarship Program will be branded/named by you or your company.   
  • You or your company will identify the type of student that they want to award with the Scholarship.  This can include choosing a student from a specific geographic location, going to a specific school, or studying a specific major. 

Education Aid’s Responsibilities for the Scholarship Program

Education Aid will review all of the applications, select the recipient, and administer the $5,000 Scholarship Program on behalf of you or your company.  Education Aid works closely with each student to ensure they stay on track to graduate.  Education Aid will be responsible for all aspects of implementing and managing the day to day operations of the Program.  This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • The collection and screening of all applications on behalf of you or your company.
  • Verifying all student information with the school and any public or private institution necessary to make sure the student is, and remains qualified for the entire Scholarship Program.
  • The development and implementation of policies and procedures necessary to validate the expenses of the selected student and making payments on behalf of the selected student.
  • Reporting all expenditures on behalf of the student with the necessary backup to you or your company.

About the Scholarship Program 

It is the mission of Education Aid to change the lives of students around the country by providing them with the financial support that they need to complete their education.  This is accomplished through the Support a Student Scholarship Program (“Program”).  Participants of this Program have payments made on their behalf for non-tuition related expenses that are not covered by their current financial aid.  Many economically disadvantaged students do not receive enough financial support to pay for such expenses and ultimately end up dropping out of school.  This Program was created to identify these students and to provide them with the financial support necessary to enable them to complete their degrees.  

There are many costs, other than tuition, associated with earning a degree that typical financial aid packages do not cover.  Many students simply cannot afford to pay for expenses, such as rent, books, and childcare while they are enrolled in school.  Unfortunately, when students can’t pay for basic living expenses, often times they are forced to drop out of school.  Our innovative program was created to identify these students, and to provide them with the financial support necessary to keep them in school and enable them to graduate.  In order to ensure that the funds are utilized as they had been allotted, payments are not sent to the student; rather Education Aid pays for the expenses directly.  

In order for students to qualify for the program, they must receive some type of financial aid, and be in good academic standing with their College or University.  Only students attending an accredited school or job training program qualify for support.  Students are also required to provide all of the relevant supporting documentation necessary to validate any expenses being paid for on their behalf.